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Once upon a time...

...this fellow named Guy Forsyth had a band. A good band. Some would say a GREAT band.

The band was a blues band, and they played just about everywhere anyone would let them, most famously perhaps at Joe's Generic Bar on Austin's Sixth Street, and at the legendary Antone's.

This band was also known to tour Europe from time to time.

It was on one of these tours that the band recorded a CD that has become synonymous with Texas blues - a CD called "High Temperature". A recording that has become canon for fans of the Texas blues, not only in Texas but across Europe, where Guy continues to tour regularly.

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the initial release of "High Temperature", his record label Lizard Discs is reissuing the record along with an entire CD of unreleased tracks from the same recording session at Metropool. That's right, there is an entire records-worth of previously unheard tracks from this historic performance, and we are about to release it!

In addition, Guy will be releasing a brand new blues album, tentatively titled "The Pleaser", that will be released Summer 2014 in Europe, and Fall 2014 in the States.



Guy Forsyth Blues Band Live on the Infynit Hour


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